Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting Your blog!

Today we’re going to go over the important questions that you should really ask yourself before starting a blog. Nowadays it’s really easy to just start a blog but it’s really important for you to know a whole lot about blogging before you actually start because it’s actually a lot more difficult than people usually think. So the more you can learn about it before you start the more you know what is ahead of you. As it is rightly said that the better prepared you begin the more successful you’re going to be.

Here are the top five questions to ask yourself before starting your blog:

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting Your blog

Do I want to make this a full-time thing or just a part-time one?

This is just very important for you to ask yourself because this will determine the amount of time that you can really put into your project .If you are very unrealistic and say oh yeah I’m gonna make this blog huge and I’m gonna make most of my income from this viral article then you’re gonna disappoint yourself. It’s a lot of work so

  • determine the amount available
  • find what you have
  • understand what you want to get out of it

Also with blogging need some patience. It takes a while for you to get a little bit of ignition to get the flow of things and eventually see starting generating some income. You shouldn’t get discouraged! You shouldn’t get frustrated!

And if you say okay this is going to be a part-time thing since this is just my creative outlet or just a viral blog which contains stuff that attracts viewers to read but actually it isn’t that good. Such churn n burn blogs are actually for generating short-term income then you should focus on things like attractive titles, extensive social media sharing and much more. So the point is whatever you do, make a clear picture of it in your mind.

What were you gonna write about?

Is there something that you’re passionate about? That’s important, yeah it’s really important because managing content is a lot more difficult than people actually think. Taking pictures, creating content, scheduling, it’s really tough so you need to make sure that you are blogging about something that you’re truly passionate about so that you can do it forever for a long time. And again we like we said it takes a while to get some recognition so it’s important for you to have that passion behind it and keep posting.

I think 93% of blogs are good. It’s just that they give up, they’re not updated so it’s just that seven percent of blogs that are being kept up with regular posts. So you want to be part of that seven percent right.

Who is your Audience?

This is very important you know what you need to understand is the fact that what all efforts you are doing is in vain if there’s no audience to appreciate it. Two things really matter at this point

  • what’s your topic of interest
  • does that topic able to attract a good amount of viewers

Well, you actually need to make a trade-off in these two points of concern. Both are equally important and can’t be ignored. Hence you need to brainstorm and choose wisely.

What makes your blog different?

You know there’re really lots of bloggers popping up left and right and it’s really important for you to determine what makes you different.

So you want to be a fashion blogger that’s great but you know obviously there’re tons of fashion bloggers. So what makes you different? Why should people read your blog? There’s no secret to this you just need to give your personal touch, your own opinion, your heart n soul to it.

What resources do I have to learn more about blogging?

The most important thing which most bloggers ignore is the fact that you need to keep on learning… Always! That really helps you grow faster. There’re a lot of resources online, you just need to pick the one that suits your learning capabilities. The high end blogging teachers like Matthew Woodward’s, Brian Dean etc who save you from a bunch of mistakes that they’ve made before and just to prepare you for all the things that you need to have in order for your blog to be successful.


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