Best IP WarmUp Guide for Email Marketing – Most Effective

In my past article, I published some PowerMTA commands which are useful after setup of PMTA. In this article I discuss about IP warming.

What exactly is IP warming.

Whenever we create a fresh Facebook account or a new Gmail account then it requires some time and some work to use that account for bulk operations. If we do not use that particular work and do not wait for a while then that account may be temporary or permanently banned.

That particular work is the warm up process.

In email marketing, if we setup new server on a fresh IP then all emails will go to spam folders in most of the ESP providers, no matter how perfectly you setup the server.

So to reach from Spam folder to Inbox, we require some work that is called IP warming.

How exactly we do IP warming?

During IP warming, we start sending emails with a lesser amount of emails per minute/hour/day and increase it gradually. After few days, emails will start reaching to inbox.

When our most of the emails will go to inbox and our Sender Score increase upto 90, then we can call the IP warming is done.

Actually, IP warming is not a short time process. In fact it is little bit long, time consuming since we are increasing the reputation of our IP and also increasing the repo of our domain.

Which is the best guide for IP warming?

Here are the few references for IP warming.

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