Create Web 2.0 submission in bravesites

Go to and click on Sign up Today button.

web 2.0 bravenet - 1

Now you can create your Free Bravenet Account here. Fill all details here.

web 2.0 bravenet - 2

After filling all your information click on Create Account button.

web 2.0 bravenet - 3

Now before creating your website, you have to first verify your account.

web 2.0 bravenet - 4

After verifying your account, you have to select your theme to start with.

web 2.0 bravenet - 5

Now your new website has been created. To edit this site click on Start Building Website button.

web 2.0 bravenet - 6

Now at this page you can edit your website now.

web 2.0 bravenet - 7

Now add Heading and other contents to this web page.

web 2.0 bravenet - 8

Click on Manage Website option and click on Blog option.

web 2.0 bravenet - 9

Add Title and Description to this Blog post. Now click on Publish Live button.

web 2.0 bravenet - 11


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