Guide to Facebook for Business – A Much Needed Tool for Entrepreneurs

Facebook is arguably one of the largest social media platforms in terms of users. With its ability to connect millions of users across the globe, businesses can definitely benefit from this platform. So, do you know how to use Facebook for your business? We’ll Facebook could turn out to be a very useful marketing tool and at the same time, spell doom for your business. No need to fret, we will show you how to effectively use Facebook for your business.


Most Facebook users check their pages at least once a day. With such an impressive usage, your business could leap numerous benefits from this platform. However, the outcome will be determined by how you employ Facebook in your marketing plan.

Effectively using Facebook for business

Numerous businesses have benefited from effectively using Facebook. On the other hand, the same platform has had detrimental effects on other businesses. Therefore, be sure to use Facebook wisely lest you sabotage your brand. In addition, have a conscious goal that will guide you on your marketing strategy. Here is an overview on ways to effectively use Facebook.

Create an attractive profile

Your profile will definitely speak volumes about your business. As a matter of fact, the outlook of your profile is the main determinant as to whether users will visit your page or not. On that note, be sure to come up with a Facebook profile that is compelling. This will ensure users get a positive insight on your business before they start enquiring more. A compelling profile should include a username that users can easily remember, a professional profile picture such as: your business logo or a product and contact of the business. With a compelling profile, users can easily reach you thus making it easier to attract new customers.

Search friends

Now it is time to find friends who are beneficial to your business. You should consider friends like: business associates, clients and suppliers. By having friends who are directly affiliated to your business, they can help in raising awareness about your brand. This will create room for other users to visit your page and be part of your community.

Create engaging content

In order to keep your Facebook friends active on your page, you should create engaging content. Content that can trigger a discussion or even stir a storm. However, the content you post should be within the scope of your business. In addition, it should not sound demeaning to anyone or a group of people.

Be responsive

Creating engaging content is not enough as you also need to be part of the discussion. After all, you stirred the storm. Being the initiator of the discussion, your response is very important. Moreover, make sure you respond in a timely manner in order to keep the discussion going thus attracting new users. Remember, you should not only respond promptly when you ignite a debate but also whenever users want to enquire something.

Avoid over posting

As much as we are emphasizing on the need to post regularly, you should also be moderate about it. Putting up numerous posts will do you more harm than good since your Facebook friends will be confused on which post to comment on thus stirring different debates. In addition, you will not give satisfactory responses since you will be overwhelmed by comments. Therefore, put up posts moderately in order to measure the level of success they achieve.

Use Images

When creating your Facebook posts, you might consider including images in the posts. Images enhance the understanding of the user. In addition, ensure that the images are backed by a description that should be short and straight forward. Remember to use images that will go hand in hand with the description.

Use Facebook advertising

One amazing fact about Facebook is that it is a cost effective marketing platform. Furthermore, you can use Facebook advertising to enhance your online presence. Unlike other advertising mediums that require you to break the bank, advertising on Facebook will only cost you a few bucks. More to that, you will get various advertising options that will suit your budget.

Embrace promotions

Considering the fact that you are already gaining grounds with your Facebook posts, you might want to improve your presence by embracing promotions. Most users want to get free gifts and products and a promotion is the ideal way to attract them.  However, be sure to come up with a promotion that is reasonable in order to attract numerous users. Perhaps you might give incentives that users cannot resist thus they have to engage your business.

Adopt the Facebook graph search

With the graph search, it is easier to find users who might be interested in your business. By learning about one of your fan on other pages they have liked, you will also find information on likeminded individuals who could become potential clients. Although it might sound cheeky, it is surely going to work.

Find partners

In a bid to boost your following, you might consider a partnership with a business that offers complimentary services to what you offer. For instance, a dog walking company could partner with a dog grooming company. However, the partner you settle on should have the same number of following and employ the same type of approach as you do. This is the only way you will achieve coherence in achieving your goals.

Measure your success

Now it is time to find out how Facebook has worked out for you. The success you have achieved on Facebook will be determined by the new levels of outcome, number of new clients and the popularity of your business. This will enable you evaluate how you will enhance your Facebook strategies going forward.


Facebook can definitely be the breakthrough point for your business. If used properly, Facebook could turn the tides on your business and make it a multi-national business. Be sure to embrace the different ways of using Facebook for your business in order to achieve success. That said, now you know how to use Facebook to sell your brand. Don’t you?

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