How to Construct an Article to Get 100% Reader Attention!

Hello everyone, hope you liked my article on the Secrets to Better Writing! Let’s continue our series on how to construct an article to get 100% reader attention and today we want to look at the content of the article and basically we’re going to look at the structure of the same which includes:

  • article opener,
  • the middle content i.e. the middle part of your radical and that’s where you’re basically giving the information away
  • And the closer.

How to Construct an Article to Get 100% Reader Attention!

Article Opener

Firstly let’s look at the opener and what you want to do here is try to get straight to the point because if you don’t you’re going to lose your audience guaranteed! So in the first two or three paragraphs you need to get straight to the point and kind of tell them what you are going to give them in the article.

Secondly, you need to touch their emotional side. That’s very important. If you are successful in reaching their emotional side and you have certainly made them to stay tuned for the rest of the article.

For example you are going to write about network marketing or network marketing leads. Start your words with sentences like “Have you ever ripped off by lead companies? Spending hundreds of dollars on them when most of the time all they deliver is an evil of abuse and frustration and nothing to show for it”.

Hence, if someone is having such problem they are obviously going to relate with your article and they’re going to be interested to read more.


Middle Content of the Article

Further, the fourth paragraph is where you can tell them you are going to five ways to boost your lead acceptance rate and kiss rejection goodbye. So now you give them the solution, so, you know you’re getting into the middle part of your radical and the thing you want to do here is give them enough but don’t completely satisfy their epic appetite because the goal is to get them down to your affiliate links or your related posts. However, make sure that if you’ve promised to give 5 points in the beginning of the article, do give 5 points (not less than that). But make sure you keep one important point aside so as to make them read a related post as well.


Article Closure

Let’s look at the article closer and you’ll notice that I have put that question mark for closure section in the featured image. That’s because I never close an article, earlier I used to and it was a big mistake because basically by closing an article you’re giving the permission to click away. You’re saying well that’s all I’ve got for you today, no need to stay on this page any longer, you can now go away!

I am sure you never want to do that instead you want to make them stay.

Make your audience hanging in a nice sort of away as I said before give them enough information but don’t give away the full and never tell them that that’s all you’ve got for them because you want to let the route towards your related posts and affiliate links.

That’s how you can structure your article in a proper yet intriguing way for your reader. However, that’s really not enough. An article needs to be written keeping the “SEO” point of view in mind as well. Now, you’ll ask “what’s that?”

Stay tuned for my next article on SEO content writing because that’s what make readers find you in the search engines.

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