An idea to Make Money via Sending emails

1. Find Relevant Facebook Groups.
2. Join those groups at slower rate. (Since joining may block you).
3. After getting approved, you can see their members. If the group is public joining is not mandatory since we are not publishing anything via Facebook.
4. Download some Facebook Group Extractor software.
5. Run the software and scrape the joined groups to get email data of members.
6. Please keep in mind that this extracted data to be is completely relevant to the group name(we assume it).
7. Filter out the non-existing emails to avoid bounces.
8. Now, we have to send a cold email to these people.
Cautious: Some says it spamming but it all depends how you are approaching them, what you are sending, how you send, what you offer. Overall I can say that how legit you are.
9. Give something in the email that is really valuable for them and try to build some trust also (not only money)
10. If you are good in building trust, you will see that those persons will be interested to join your daily mailing list.
11. Make a proper sequence of sending email.
12. Send valuable content regularly and some times you can add some links(affiliate links) within content that will give you money.
13. Repeat the process and earn more subscribers and gain more trust.
14. Always keep in mind that you must respect their time and those subscribers will be continue only if you are helping them in some ways.

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