Interserver Black Friday 2017 -( LIVE 50% Discount)

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Interserver Black Friday 2017

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Category – Hosting

Features of InterServer

Comparing with other hosting providers, InterServer has got many features that are way beyond its pricing tag. I am going to list some of the features out to help you make a purchase decision.


1. Does not Rip off Your Pocket

You know InterServer is a reliable web hosting provider, don’t you? If you check their pricing pattern, you may think that the cost is way too expensive comparing with some other services.

But you don’t think of the other side of the story. Every other hosting provider draws a fine line of constraints to keep you away from advanced features so that they will not suffer loss by giving you web hosting for the cheap price.

That is not the case with InterServer. Even though it charges a bit higher, the price to features ration is way greater.

2. Unlimited Storage, Data Transfer, FTP and Email Accounts

Wow! That’s a lot, isn’t that? With every InterServer shared hosting package, you will be able to get all these unlimited things.

In the beginning, the data transfer and storage space may not be an issue. But with time, your website will grow and obviously it needs many resources. At that instant, you regret not going with affordable InterServer hosting.

3. Weekly Backups and 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

For a blogger, backups are very significant as it helps us recover from any adversities. But some bloggers do not take regular backups, and it will cost them a lot. If you are such a person, you must go with InterServer as it takes the backup once every week.

The uptime guarantee may seem like a cliché. But they provide 0% downtime.

4. Free Transfer, CloudFlare CDN, and Easy WP Installer

Are you using any other hosting and looking forward to buying an InterServer hosting package? Then their customer support team will surely help you out with the transfer process. You don’t have to know anything. Everything will be done in no time for free.

Content Delivery Network aka CDN boosts a website’s speed. With all the IS plan, you can get free CloudFlare CDN.

Easy WP Installer helps you make your WP blog in a few seconds.

5. Discounted Domain Name and Free Adwords Credit

It’s true that they are not offering a free domain. But you don’t have to pay $15 as well. InterServer gives you a domain for only $1.99.

And, you can grab Adwords credits worth $100 for free.

Wrapping Up

I hope you have got an idea of some unique features of InterServer. If you check their websites, you will get to know some more specs of it.

Their VPS pricing pattern is so cheap that you can get a Linux VPS hosting plan for only $6 per month.

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