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In this article, I am going to provide you information about one of the leading movie torrent site which is gaining popularity these days. The name of the site is kuttymovies and to know more about kuttymovies and its alternatives please read this article till the end.

There are a lot of sites on the internet which provide pirated movies and one of the popular website is kuttymovies, which provides all of the latest Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies. The content provided over this site is pirated and that’s why it is an illegal site.

However, there are lots of ways by which you can safely use these kinds of sites which I would be discussing in this article along with details of this site and its various alternatives. 

About this site

Kuttymovies is a one-stop destination for movie lovers, here you can find the various newly released Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies. Whenever a movie gets released you can find the CAM print of that movie on this site and within a few days or weeks, HD print is also released over this site.

All of the stuff is pirated which means that whenever any HD or good quality content is released, the team of kuttymovies creates the pirated version of the stuff and uploads it over their site. You can either download or stream various movies online over this site. The user interface of this site is very easy to use, there are various genre to select movies, along with this you can search movies from the search bar and can also filter the search through various languages, types, time of release filters.

This site caters to the needs of every person and has a large collection of movies. 

How these sites survive?

Although these kinds of sites does not charge a penny to its user for their services however they have to earn to keep ongoing. The main earning of these types of sites comes from the advertisements that are all over the home page of this site and these sites get paid by the amount of traffic on their site. There are various types of advertisements like pop up ads, affiliate link ads, direct link ads that are present on these sites. Due to pirated and copyright content, they serve, the Indian government shuts down these sites but these sites come up again with new names. 

Other domains of kuttymovies

As the content of the site is pirated and is illegal by our Indian law, the government of India bans these kinds of sites and shuts them down. So whenever any of the kuttymovies sites get shut down they come up with a new similar domain name.

The various domains of kuttymovies are










How safe this site is?

It is not very safe to visit these types of sites because of the various malware and viruses present over these sites. The advertisements somehow automatically downloads various software into the users pc and can steal the personal data of user.

Moreover, the content provided by this site is also illegal and our Indian law forbids us to surf or download any pirated and copyright content. 

How to safely download from this site?

There are some measures by which you can download the content in much secure manner.

Whenever you go to the download page you have to choose carefully from the various download links as most of the links are fake and are hidden ads.

You would also need a VPN software which would hide your location and would help to create a secure network and would be providing safety from hackers.

The next thing you need is a good antivirus and ad blocker which would help you from various viruses and malware that are present in these sites and the adblocker will help to block the various annoying advertisements. 

Reason of blocking of these sites by government

The main reason for the blocking of these sites is the pirated and copyright movies they cater over these sites and piracy effects the economy in a negative manner. The piracy of a newly released movie affects the earnings of the movie in a major way as people don’t want to go to cinemas and spend money.

So it is illegal according to our Indian law and it abides any person who does piracy or providing any help in doing so.

Alternatives of kuttymovies

No matter how perfect the site is there are always alternatives to these sites. The various other popular alternatives to kuttymovies are.



One of the popular alternatives to kuttymovies is Tamilgun, the content of the site is majorly Tamil and it also provides movies in other languages as well. This site provides you with the latest tv shows, movies and other dubbed movies with good quality streaming links.

As you can see in the image, the interface is user-friendly and you can also watch biggboss and other livetv channels on this site along with various latest news provided on this site.

You either stream or download movies from this site in various quality links provided by the site. The amount of advertisement is very less over this site, making the experience of user seamless and less annoying.



It is one of the popular websites that provide every type of content whether it is Tamil or Telegu, Hollywood or Bollywood, this site provides the latest movies to you. The user interface of this site is very time-saving as the latest movies are provided over the home page of the site, so you won’t have to navigate to the latest movies which would save your time.

The overall look of the site is a dark theme that puts less stress on eyes during night time and along with that, the homepage is full of new and updated links. On the right corner you can find the recent and updated movies and along with that on the top bar you can easily navigate to various movies of different languages and genres.

Moreover, there are various links available to a single movie so you don’t have to worry in case any of the links don’t work or gets blocked.



Again like other sites this site also provides a large variety of movies in different languages and genres. The audio and visual quality of movies is also good and is mostly in HD quality.

There are various options to select movies from different qualities and along with that of different sizes. As shown in the image you can download 300mb, 720p quality.

This site also provides you information about how to download movies from this site.

The main con of this site is that the amount of ads present over this site is in large quantity making the experience of the user annoying and difficult to watch movies.



Along with the latest movies you can also watch various tv shows and series. The content is in different languages and though it caters to the needs of every person. You can find the latest and newly released movies and tv shows over this site easily due to the easy user interface of this site.

This site also provides you information about the story plot of the movie which makes it easy for you to choose from different movies that would suit you best according to your mood.

Also, you can get to know about how much popular the movie is and what are the ratings of the movies.

Basically a One stop destination for Bollywood movie lovers, and you can also find latest Hollywood and dubbed movies.



It is one of those sites which have the simplest and easiest user interface making the experience of the user seamless and easy. There are various tabs that would take you to your desired sections and you can easily find your preferred content. The number of ads is also less as compared to other sites and the quality of the content is also good.

Moreover, tabs provided on the homepage display top IMDB content which helps you to choose from the finest movies and along with that trending option to choose from trending movies.

On the bottom of these tabs, you can also search movies according to alphabets (A-Z).

On the right side of the site you can choose movies from different genres like action, adventure, animation, comedy, crime, and documentary.

Also, you can find movies from different release years making it simple for you in many ways.


The information provided in this content is for educational purpose only. We do not encourage or support any type of illegal activity related to piracy or any copyrighted content as the government of India forbids us to do these unethical things.

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