Important PowerMTA Commands that you must aware of

When we setup PowerMTA there are lot of requirements after setup. Some times there is need to create additional email ids, some time we have to set new outgoing users, change the http management port, enable catch-all etc.

For every task there are a lot of information available and out of that I am giving little bit here. Lets dive into SSH with root access.

Adding New User/Mailbox account in PMTA(Using Postfix)

How do I add another user/mailbox account?

Run the command in SSH

useradd -d /home/sample_user -g users sample_user

You must replace sample_user with your desired username.

This newely created user has no password. So to set the password we have to use the command

passwd sample_user

again you need to replace the sample_user to the original username. It will ask for a new password. Give any strong password twice and its done.


Deleting a user/mailbox in PMTA (using Postfix)

How to delete the user/mailbox account.

#Use command to delete user without deleting its data.

userdel sample_user

Replace sample_user with the actual username that you want to delete

#Use command to delete user & its data

userdel sample_user -r

Obviously, replace sample_user with the proper username


Clear PMTA Queue

How to clear all the emails that are in queue.

Logon to SSH and run the command

pmta delete –queue=*/*
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