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The digital space is growing every single minute. With the growing numbers of influencers, bloggers, Instagrammers, the community is growing at a higher speed than expected. Many people have made these avenues as their career choices. They get regular income through their blogging or by posting the content on their page. The competition in this career choice is high, and they have to be regularly keep updating themselves. The Traffic generated in the site determines the success of their website; this is especially for the people who have their blogging site. There are numerous sites that will help the blogger to check their visitors on the website and help them to know how they are performing. rank2traffic is one such website that allows its users to see how the competitors are doing compared to them. Let us start by understanding the basics and how rank2traffic will help the blogger or the website owner.

What does one mean by Traffic?

When someone says Traffic while referring to a blog site or website, then it means the number of visitors on the website. The way web traffic is calculated is the number of visits a website has, alternately, it is also called as sessions. The measuring of the web traffic is the most accepted way in determining the success of the blog or website or the online business venture you are the part of. 

What are the advantages of knowing the Traffic of your site?

You will know how effective is your content

For people making blogging or being an influencer as a career option is very well aware that in this field, content is the king. If the content is not up to the mark, people will refrain from visiting the website you have launched. For making your blog or website successful, you need to have a good grasp of your content. Knowing the Traffic of the site gives a heads up on this. If the Traffic is low, then the content is one of the first things which has to be improved.

More Visitors more opportunities 

With every click, the visitors make it gives an opportunity to the website owner. The more visitors on your website or blog site is directly proportional to the business opportunity with them. Visitors who visit your website are the potential customers with whom you can build a relationship as they help in generating the leads.

Helps in knowing your competition 

It is very essential to know your competitor in any type of business. Especially in this field, you should be well aware of the Traffic your competitor is getting. Knowing your competition will help in formulating strategies that would be helpful in growing your website and attracting more visitors or sessions on the website.

How does rank2traffic help your website traffic?

rank2traffic was launched in December 2015, and this four-year-old domain gives you the web analysis and your traffic history of the past ten years. It provides the estimated summary of the Traffic to your website along with the Alexa ranking of your website 

Features provided by rank2traffic are as follows 

Provides 10-year traffic history of your website

rank2traffic will give you the historical performance of your site through the 10-year period. This will help you in gauging how your site is doing over the period of time. The performance is given in the chart format and the tabular format. Chart format gives the graph of the sessions as per the date/year. In the tabular format, the data presented is in the form of the date and online sessions per month. These sessions are the average position the website appears in the organic search worldwide. This feature is available to the premium users of rank2traffic. 

Provides the traffic history of the last six months

If the user has to look at the more recent traffic history data of their website, then this feature is also available in rank2traffic.com. The latest data gives you an idea about how the website is doing and it will also help in understanding the improvements, if needed, to increase the Traffic on the website. The chart is downloadable in a PNG image, JPEG image, PDF document, SVG Vector image whichever is suitable for the users.

It furnishes the data of where the site visitors are located

rank2traffic shows the data about the location of the visitors on your website. The legend in the chart shows the percentage of visitors by the country. Country-wise visitor data will help in determining how helpful your site is to the people in the country where the maximum visits are from. This will help in developing strategies, the way to promote more business in those countries. Also, you will know why you are lagging in certain countries. And formulate measures to make the people of that country visit your site more.

rank2traffic shows the percentage visit to the site through various sources

rank2traffic populate bar graphs showing the percentage of the visits to the website from a search engine, directly or via a hyperlink. It basically means that how do the visitors visit the site whether they google the keywords and get into the site i.e., via the search engine. They are aware of the site and directly entered URL i.e., direct, or they went to a different website, and from there, they clicked the hyperlink provided on the website i.e., via a hyperlink. These various sources determine the popularity of the website. It will aid in looking out for ways to make visitors visit the site through other sources as well. 

Provides Alexa ranking history

Alexa ranking history is a ranking system used globally, which resorts to the web traffic data to collate the list of the websites which are most popular amongst the masses. The lower the ranking, the popular the website. Alexa ranking is considered as an important factor as many advertisers consider the Alexa ranking in ascertaining the marketing potential of your website. This means more revenue for you. rank2traffic shows the Alexa ranking history for the last ten years, which itself gives useful data for analyzing your website. 

rank2traffic provides the Pageview history of the website

As the name suggests, Pageview is the number of times your website page is loaded. Irrespective of how it got loaded, whether it is directly clicked or via any external link when the visitor loads the page of your website, the page views of your website goes up. The more the page views, it is better for your website. It shows the popularity of the website, if the page view has increased over the period of time. 

Shows the Session Duration history over the period of time

Session duration is one of the web analytics metrics which matters the most. Session duration means how long the visitor was on your page. As per the industry standard, 2-3 minutes on the website is an excellent average session duration. While 2-3 minutes seems to be a short time for a visitor to be on your website, but this duration is enough for them to read the content and get engaged with the website. Longer, the session duration better for the website. rank2traffic gives a graph of the session duration of your website, which helps you to determine the quality of the content of your website. 

Bounce Rate history is well documented in the rank2traffic

Bounce rate is the determinants where it means how often the visitor just visit the single page of your website and exit without exploring the website. The bounce rate is the percentage of all the sessions combined on your website, where the users have viewed only a single page on your website. Usually, if users view more than one page of your website, it means the website is popular, and if the user leaves the page without browsing through other pages on your website, then it indicates that the website is not exciting enough for the users. This bounce rate will help in improving the content of the website in order to capture the attention of the users, and they are willing to explore the website 

Ranking of the site compared other sites

rank2traffic shows how your website is ranked as compared to the competitors’ website. It shows the ranking over a period of time. The ranking would help you in determining your position against your rivals and find out the ways to improve your ranking. If your site is gaining popularity, you will face competition. By getting an insight into the competitors’ numbers will be useful in making a favourable strategy helping to make your site more popular than your competitors.

rank2traffic is those considered as one of the best tools that are available in estimating the Traffic of your website and giving you the data to analyse the performance of your website. Based on the data presented by rank2traffic, you can analyse the data and formulate strategies and measures. These measures and strategies will help you in getting more visitors on your website.

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