Scrape Millions of Email from Facebook

In this post I am going to explain how to scrape millions of emails from Facebook Groups via FB Audience Extractors.

I scrape emails from Facebook daily and use those emails for cold emailing. In fact a lot of people think that cold emailing is a Spam but it is not if you are sending relevant proper written emails to relevant audience.

Anyways, this is not the topic of this post. So, lets move to the screen of Facebook Audience Blaster.

As soon as you open the Fb Audience Blaster screen shows like this.

Login to Fb Audience Blaster

Fill your Facebook Credentials to it and wait for the Login.

After Login the screen will look like.

FB Audience Blaster Welcome Screen

Click on Scan Group members and paste the Group IDs.

FB Audience Blaster Enter Group IDs

After Pasting the group IDs, check the box “With Email”(this will filter out the non-email audience).

Hit start and you are good to go.

After a while export the results and it will give the results in Excel format.



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