Secrets to be Better at Writing

Since high school I have been very active in creative writing and other writing related things. To many skills of writing comes naturally or say the art of weaving words into beautiful sentences attracts a huge number of people.

The art of writing evolves with time. No longer it is necessary to use heavy English words in your write up rather nowadays simplicity and easy to use is the new definition of an excellent writing.

However as prestigious does it seems , it requires a great amount of effort to be a good writer as after all to write means a lot more than putting pretty words on a page: The art of writing is sharing a part of your soul with the world

Thus here today I will share some simple and well tested tips on how to be better at writing and be an effective writer.

So chug along and read!

  • Devote time daily

No matter if you are an expert or an amateur in the field of writing ,devoting specific amount of time daily for your writing will only add up to your skill and thus will help you be regular with it . Thus give some time daily irrespective how busy your schedule is. This will certainly add up.

This should be a must do for amateurs and freelancers too.

So all those budding writers out there squeeze out some time for scribbling your ideas on paper!!

  • Plan out:

Before we go in for any project or task it’s important that we have a rough sketch of it with us. The same is true for writing as well. Hence heading straight for writing instead first plan out a rough draft about the content you want to put in your writing piece. Make a note of points you want to cover and also the sequence you want your writing should reflect. This not only helps you craft out an organized write up but also saves on time and increases efficiency.

  • Less is more

All the writers in making should keep one thing in mind that their readers are like small impatient kids for whom reading is just not their thing.

Yes folks , that is the hard truth. Nowadays reading is not something which comes naturally to people. Gone are the days when people used to look forward to read a wonderful piece of writing irrespective of their length.

Thus treat your readers as impatient and try to be concise in your matter. More lengthy you write, less are the chances for attracting readers.

Hence keep your articles short and in not any case more than 1000 words which is still more, ideally your article should be concluded within 800 words unless it’s an academic paper or a thesis kind of a thing.

Hence less lengthy it is the more readable it becomes.

  • Think like a common man, not a Shakespeare.

One should keep in mind while writing that the readers they are targeting are normal people and may or may not have a very good hold with the language thus one should use writable , readable words and words that can be pronounced easily.

Many think that using high level words and exotic vocabulary gives the impression of  excellency over the language but then what’s the use if the readers find it hard to read your articles and have to look in a dictionary time and again. This only leads to exhaustion and disinterest in reading.

This is a point of which bloggers should certainly take note of as blogging is the new trend and targets the general strata of readers.

However novel authors can take some liberty here as they would be targeting a certain type of readers only.

  • Avoid repetition.

Repetition is something which is annoying for all. Thus keep your articles and write ups free of duplicates and keep it as short as possible. As repeating of a certain fact or anything makes the reader lose interest in the article and drifts their attention away thus making your article boring no matter how interesting the subject of your writing is.

  • Differentiate:

One must first understand the type of writing they are about to do. Some go for essays, novels, some take up as content writing while some take up content marketing.

Though thorough and good command of English is a must have in all however there are certain different things about different kinds of writing and one must keep this in mind.

Many confuse content marketing, creative writing and content writing as one and the same however the two are entirely different.

When you go in for content writing you need to mention all the details about the thing you are writing about and your write up should be considerably informative and sufficient thus making the reader satisfied about the content you are presenting.

  • Avoid too many connectors:

Limit use of conjunctions in your write up wherever possible without distorting the meaning of your sentence. Unwanted conjunctions and adverbs only add to length of any write up.

Thus minimize use of unwanted conjunctions to compress your article without compromising on quality.

Last but not the least. Feel for your article. Specially if you are a creative writer. One must feel strongly about the subject one is writing about as for writers their words, their writing is the painting of their voice.

So if you want your reader to have tears in their eyes cry yourself first. If you want your readers to be inspired after reading your writing you first need to be full of energy and inspiration. In short feel, love and breathe your writing.

So here were some tips to better your writings and I hope these come in handy are useful. Thus take the above into practice specially the “devote time daily” one as it goes a long way. Happy writing!!

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