An Ultimate Guide on Instagram from Scratch

Instagram is a social media app primarily based on the photo and 15-second video sharing.  It was developed and introduced to the world at the end of 2010 and its popularity soared almost immediately, attracting more than 300 million users by the beginning of 2015.  Instagram was purchased within two short years of it appearing in the social media arena by Facebook and its users are steadily growing at a faster pace than several other photo sharing apps.

Like all other social media platforms, its original use was private, with family and friends sharing updates with one another. The original design was also aimed only mobile devices for real-time image sharing via the Instagram app. Targeting the youngsters, mainly the 14 – 25 age group, this app was released initially but this has slowly changed with older users becoming more interested over the past few years. Instagram slowly gained popularity in business and celebrity circles also and is still attracting users from all the over world. It is one of the most popular apps and its user base continues to grow monthly.

instagram-for-businessDevelopers of Instagram:

Instagram was developed by two enthusiast software engineers. While studying at Stanford, Michel Mike Krieger met Kevin Systrom and they wanted to develop a photo sharing app. They first made this app for iOS users and after seeing the success of it on iOSappstore, they later developed and released the android version. Mike Krieger’s net worth is more than hundred million dollars and he acquired the majority share of his net worth by selling Instagram to Facebook.

The Visual Appeal That is Instagram

This social media platform holds enormous visual appeal for private and business users as it provides for a variety of editing functions for photos and other images, text descriptions, and hashtags. Hashtags are awesome little additions to posts that contain metadata. These little tags are a further attractive quality for business purposes that says “find me”! The Instagram tools result in stunning, sharp images and useful information to share with friends and followers alike.Because of its popularity and rapid growth, the prospects for business marketing hold promising potential just like a leading social media site with extensive reach and growth.

Instagram is a Convenient, On-the-Go App

This clever little mobile app for smartphones and tablets has a variety of convenient uses in one’s daily life. Share images with friends and family after enhancing them with Instagram’s editing tools. Share work images to save time or use it as a long distance teaching tool. Imagine standing in nature and wanting to identify a certain animal or insect. Take a snapshot, quickly enhance it for clarity and send it to a colleague for referencing.  Simple and convenient. Another convenient feature is the ability to share Instagram images with your friends and followers on Facebook. This is yet another natty little feature, besides the hashtag, that saves a lot of time and effort for the busy socialite and makes the online marketer’s job much easier.Thus, the Instagram app is really helpful in anyone’s life as it improves the camera functionality of a smartphone.

Everyone wants to be a Confident Instagram User

The <30 demographic may find social media an absolute breeze to use but for older generations, these platforms can be somewhat daunting.  The result is that those who would actually enjoy Instagram shy away from it.  This is understandable as there is just so much information out there that it can tend to become overwhelming at times.  To help you overcome your trepidation, we have put together some helpful terminology to make your exploration a little bit easier.  Knowing what terms mean will give you the confidence necessary to use the Instagram app.

Some Instagram Basics to Getting You Started

An introduction to the terms generally used by Instagram users can be really beneficial for new users. If you are the type of individual who needs a bit more information before opening an account, these details are for you.  Knowing the terminology from the start helps to give one a bit of confidence and saves time when investigating a new app, so here are a few terms to begin with.

Instagram Terminology to get you started

The basic terminology has been included for ease of use, although the list is not exhaustive.  This is meant to provide a general idea of what you are dealing with before moving to the download part that is discussed in the following section.

  • App –Short for “application”. The app store allows you to download the app on your mobile phone or tablet to access the Instagram site.
  • Username– This is the name you will use to indicate your profile address. Depending on how private you are, you can use your birth name or a pseudonym.
  • Profile– Your profile will contain some basic details such as your real name, your username, a profile picture (this may be a real photo of yourself or an image you like) and your photo gallery.
  • Home– This section reflects the feed of all the posts from the users who you follow.
  • Feed– Click the house icon to see the real time posts by those you follow.
  • Following– These are the people you have selected to follow on Instagram.
  • Followers– These are users who are following your posts.
  • Post– This may be an image or 15-second video that you can be uploaded from your profile for sharing.
  • Hashtag– The # sign is placed before keywords that you want to have searchable on Instagram for personal or marketing reasons. These keywords should directly relate to your post description and be written as one word, without spaces to separate them.
  • Like– “Like” is a way to show appreciation for a post. You can “like” a post by tapping on the heart below the image or double tapping the image itself.  The number of “likes” for a post indicates how many people enjoyed your post.
  • Filter– This feature allows editing of your post and you can change colors, enhance sharpness, brighten an image, improve videos and so on.
  • Frame– This is an additional feature to enhance your images by creating attractive frames around these.
  • Gallery– The area where all your posts have been stored.

The following terms have been added for fun to show you how popular Instagram is.  These are the terms that have been coined to describe the really avid Instagram fans.

  • Latergram– As the term indicates, this is a post that you include on Instagram for a future date.
  • Instavideo– A term used to describe the useful short, 15-second video feature on Instagram.
  • Instameet– A group of avid Instagram users who get together for the purpose of taking photos to post on Instagram.
  • Instagrammers– A general term used to describe a group of Instagram users.

Now that we have covered the terminology briefly we can move onto how to download the app and complete your registration process.  It’s almost time for you to start having fun with your new app!

Getting Registered and Checking your Settings

Begin with the Instagram App

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you should find your Instagram App on the screen already.  If not, it is obtainable free of charge from the App Store, Google Play or the Marketplace.  Download it and you are ready to begin the registration process.

Now you ‘re ready to Register

You’ve downloaded the App and need to register as a user by completing your username and password.  Enter a username, preferably the same one you use on other social media accounts so that you will be recognizable and easy to find by your friends, fans, and followers.  Have a second username handy just in case your favorite has been already taken by other Instagram user.

Move on to your profile pic.  Select an image from your gallery, take a photo or import the same one you use on Facebook or Twitter accounts.  Again, it is preferable to use the same image for all your media sites.  People are often overwhelmed by technology and it isn’t that easy to search you on Instagram, so make it quick for friends to find you.

Complete your profile by filling in your name, e-mail address and phone number.  It is easy for you to import these details from Facebook if you already have an account with them.  Just be aware of differentiating between your business and personal profiles if you select the autocomplete function as you may import a personal Facebook profile to your Instagram business account. It is always better to fill these details manually to avoid unnecessary hiccups.

Time to Edit Your Profile

The next step is to complete your profile and check your settings.  Find the arrow below the details showing your shared posts, followers and so on.  Click and complete your details.  Include your Facebook URL, internet business URL or other social media site, as you prefer or leave it blank.  Your next task is to describe yourself or about your business.  To make it easier you can copy this information from one of your other sites for the sake of consistency and ease of reference.

Select whether you would like to share your posts on this screen or keep them private.  This screen is automatically set to public. So be sure to click here, if you prefer the private option.  For business purposes, it is obviously best to make your posts public to avoid upsetting any followers on your other sites who will want to link up with you on Instagram.  Now save your changes or else you need to repeat the entire process once again.

Check Your Sharing Settings

From Instagram, you can manually share your posts with other social media sites without having to go through the log in the process every time.  To do this, click on the three small dots at the top right-hand side of your profile screen and click on “sharing settings”.  Complete your login details for the sites you want to share with.  Facebook may be checked for sharing from Instagram.  Select the Facebook option anyway and another page will open where you can also check the “likes” option if you want to share your page “likes” activity from Instagram as well.  You can disconnect sharing to these sites at any time by simply unchecking the box next to the account.

Though several photo sharing apps were released prior to the release of Instagram none of them were as successful as Instagram. Several factors contributed to the success of Instagram and it is still continuing its successful journey. Exponential growth in Instagram users month by month proves not only its popularity but also user’s unconditional love towards the app.

Reasons for Instagram’s huge success

  • Positive Mouth Talk:Every user started liking Instagram and recommended it to their friends and family members. In the present digitalized world, it is highly impossible to make an app popular just with advertisements. App advertisements are only helpful to create awareness about the app among smartphone users. If the user likes the app, he will recommend it to his friends and colleagues and this positive mouth talk helped immensely in increasing Instagram users. It is not the internet ads that helped Instagram to reach this position but the positive mouth talk.
  • User-friendly: This is one of the most user-friendly apps. Any smartphone user can install it and share his photos and videos (<15sec) with his close associates. Some photo sharing apps require phones with high-end specifications whereasInstagram can be installed on any smartphone and it won’t affect its performance. Even if it is a $700+ advanced mobile or a lower end mobile with android OS, it works equally well on both the phones.
  • Security issues: Mobile users always give very high importance to security and even a small security issue severely damages the reputation of the app. In a case of social networking apps, users act extra cautiously and increasing their confidence is not an ordinary issue. Sometimes, companies with years of experience will also fail in this aspect but Instagram is maintaining high-security standards from the date of its launch.After it was acquired by Facebook, high priority is given to security and Instagram users never ever faces security issues for sure.
  • Availability: Some apps are available for Apple Inc. devices whereas some apps are available for android devices. Nowadays, some companies are releasing android and iOS apps simultaneously. Even Instagram also, released for iOS devices first but after seeing its popularity there, developers launched the android version. But as of now, it is available for android, iOS and windows mobile OS operated smartphones. It is also available for tablets but as of now, it is not yet available as an application for personal computers and laptops. Facebook don’t have such plans but with some tweaking computer users can also install the Instagram app on their system.
  • Facebook integration: When Facebook bought Instagram in a billion dollar deal, most of the business experts opined that Facebook business strategy is wrong. Instagram proved the opinion of so called business experts wrong by increasing the number of users at a greater pace than Facebook. The Facebook sharing option also helped Instagram in reaching more users and Instagram is also helping Facebook in increasing its revenue.
  • 15sec Videos:At first, Instagram is only photo sharing app but later developers introduced video sharing also. Developers introduced video sharing option to move ahead of competitors and the results are extremely positive. Instagram’s short videos and Twitter’s Vine video are popular for video sharing and both these two are widely used by mobile users.
  • Geotagging:This is one of the unique features Instagram offers to its users. While sharing photos, you can Geo-tag them which means your friends can know at what place you had captured the photo.
  • Improved privacy: Privacy is the main concern of users while sharing their images on social networks. Most of the users want to share their images with limited people whereas celebrities want to share their images with all the fans and well-wishers. Instagram correctly balanced this and it contributed heavily to its success.
  • Supports high-resolution photos: To upload pictures and share photos on other photo sharing apps, the user needs to reduce the size and/or resolution.But Instagram offers the flexibility to upload low-resolution images as well as high resolution (1080*1080) images. Instagram users can share the original images with their friends without reducing the pixel density and compress the size.
  • Interface: The most user-friendly photo sharing app is Instagram. It is really easy to upload photos and one can even capture images directly from their smartphone cameras. Applying filters and adding effects is very easy and one can easily share those photos with friends and like-minded people. Once you select the filter, a slider bar will appear and you can control the filter effect by sliding that bar.
  • Occupies less memory:The size of Instagram installation file is very less whether it is for iOS devices or android devices. After installing, it won’t consume much of the smartphone resources like phone’s internal memory and also uses less battery when working. Even if the user allows the app to run in the background, it won’t consume many resources and the user won’t observe any lag while working with other applications. Even while working on tablets also, this app uses very fewer resources and won’t irritate users with slow performance.
  • Filters:Last but not least, filters are the main reason for Instagram’s huge success. As already mentioned, several apps gave photo sharing as an add-on function. Though few dedicated photo sharing apps are available before Instagram also, they are basic photo sharing apps without any innovation. Instagram is the first photo sharing app which came with some innovative filters. These filters enhance the overall look of the captured images and users can share the modified images with their followers.

Popular filters in the Instagram and the best ways to use them

Several photo filters are available on Instagram and Instagram developers are regularly adding several new filters to this app. Here is the list of some popular filters and the best ways to use them.In the words of Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom, the app uses several methods like adjusting contrast, color, and hue, doing pixel mats, blending backgrounds and colors and much more to get desired effects. It is really hard to tell which filter uses which algorithm but the brief information helps in understanding Instagram filters better. Though hundreds of filters are popular on Instagram, the following list includes the most popular ones only.

  • Clarendon:After seeing the success of this filter on videos, Instagram released it for photos also.To highlight the brightest part in the photos, this filter is the best one. After applying the filter, colors pop well and shadows are also highlighted. Use this filter while capturing the funny moments with your pets and photos having very less variation in colors.
  • Gingham:Just like the above, this one also introduced to images after becoming successful with videos. If one uses this filter on dark and night taken photos, it gives distinct yellow tone to pictures. If the same filter is applied to bright photos, photos appear brighter and attractive. If you want to give a vintage look to the already-captured photo, prefer this one. Fashion geeks will also love this filter.
  • Moon:If you are thinking of giving a vintage look to your photos, this is the best filter. It converts the color images to black and white pictures and gives a retro feel. This one also intensifies the shadows to get a perfect vintage look. Prefer this filter for portraits.This filter name has an interesting story. One of the Instagram developer’s pet dog name is Moon.While working in Office, he received the death news of his pet dog and named the filter after it.
  • Lark:Except Red, it intensifies all the colors present in the picture. It also brightens the overall picture. This filter works great when you apply it to landscape pictures. Photos taken during Sun rise and Sun set look more beautiful after applying this filter. You can also use this filter for the images of sea beaches, cloudy skies, etc.
  • Reyes:This new filter got a positive response from the audience for its vintage feel. This filter won’t convert your image into black and white but still gives a vintage look. It decreases the image saturation and brightens up some parts of an image. Prefer this filter for portraits.Frankly, several dedicated smartphone apps are available to get this look but on Instagram, you can do it with a filter.
  • Juno:Observe the magic after applying this filter. It increases the intensity of red, yellow and orange colors in the image. You can apply this filter to accidentally taken images as it increases the overall tone of the images.
  • Slumber:It decreases the saturation of images up to some extent and gives the most natural feel. Outdoor photos taken with street or nature background will get better after applying this filter. It increases the romantic feel and can be applied to wedding celebration images also. This filter uses a yellow mask to get this effect.
  • Crema:It washes out the colors to get a vintage look. In layman’s words, it partially washes out all the colors. Apply this filter while capturing the food items in food courts and/or coffee shops and share it with friends to get the appreciation for excellent photographic skills.Outdoor shots with more green and blue content look great after applying this filter.
  • Ludwig:This filter shows a clear difference between colors. The bright colors will become brighter whereas the dark colors become darker. Capture the image of a vintage photo and apply this filter to see the real magic of the filter. This filter works well with outdoor shots especially images captured in the twilight.
  • Aden:This filter softens the image and perfects for skin smoothening. It slightly decreases the image saturation and also decreases the image contrast. Images captured outside in spring will look more beautiful after applying this filter.It wants to make your skin look smooth, this filter can be helpful.
  • Perpetua:it intensifies green and yellow colors. It also slightly brightens up the image. Outdoor shots look good after applying this filter. Try this filter on portraits to get a funnier look as it changes the skin tone to unrealistic colors.
  • Amaro:This gives a distinct look to photos by focusing only on the central part of an image. The central part of the image is brightened up heavily whereas borders are kept intact. This filter gives the slightly aged look to photos and captured shots look good when applied to fall photos, photos with busy backgrounds, images captured on the road etc.
  • Mayfair:This is one of the best filters available in Instagram. If the filter is used along with Instagram’s Lux feature, the image gives you totally new feel. This filter places a bright spot in the image and the Lux feature automatically adjusts the contrast. Photos taken in dim light look good after applying this filter but one need to use this filter carefully or else the image looks awkward.
  • Rise:It adds a yellow glow to the whole image and the image looks old. Try this filter for close up shots and get the perfect vintage look.
  • Hudson:All the colors in the image turns into warmer colors and are slight asked to give a new look to the image. Winter photos look really cool after applying this effect and don’t forget to share the images after applying the filter.
  • X-Pro II:Wider shots, natural backgrounds look warmer after applying this filter. All the colors present in the image will become sharper and this filter is worth trying on panoramic shots.
  • Willow:This one also changes the colored photo to black and white but it is different from Moon and Reyes.Images centering small objects like insects, needles, grass etc. look really cool after this effect. If interested, one can try this on close-up shots also.
  • Lo-Fi:It gives exactly opposite effect to cream. It improves the image saturation images will appear sharper. Just like crema, try it inside food courts. Capture mouthwatering food items and apply this filter to get the really cool look.
  • Inkwell:This is just a converter colored image to black and white. It won’t adjust any of the image settings. This filter can be applicable to any image but works well with portraits.
  • Hefe:This one increases the saturation and it is perfect for applying nature shots. The colors in the picture will appear sharper after applying this one
  • Nashville:It increases the brightness of the picture and adds a pink tone to the whole image. Longshot images look good after applying this filter.
  • 1977:After applying this filter, the whole image is masked with a red tint. The faded look of the images gives the feeling of images captured in late 1970’s. Nature shots with lakes and rivers as center themes look really impressive after applying this effect.
  • Earlybird: This filter lowers the saturation and after applying this filter the recently captured images look years old. Get the vintage look to the recently captured images with this filter.
  • Sutro:It slightly darkens the image and uses purple and brown colors to get this effect. Except close-up photos and portraits, one can try this filter on any image.
  • Toaster:As the name itself suggests, get the toasted look. The edges are masked heavily with a red tint and center is dodged.It is perfect filter for daytime captured shots but looks awkward when applied to images captured in low light.
  • Walden:After applying this filter, the center of the image is brightened and highlighted. The icy blue tint added after applying the filter changes the overall look of the image. Try this one to highlight the center portion of the image.
  • Maven:It brightens the shadows already present in the image. It also slightly darkens the image and great architectures look great after applying this filter. It can be applied to blue skies, green nature-themed photos but avoid using it for portraits.
  • Skyline:Apply this filter at least as it adjusts the brightness of the image. This filter can be applied to any image and perfect for day time captured images.
  • Dogpatch:Images captured outside on a sunny day looks better after applying this filter. It adjusts the contrast of images and it is better not to try this one on images captured at night.
  • Helena:It slightly masks the image with orange tint and color will appear warmer after trying this effect. Instagram users can try this filter on any image.
  • Charmes:This is the best filter to try on images captured in low light conditions. Colors are intensified a bit and the image is slightly masked by red color. Images captured in busy places like streets, traffic signals look good after applying this effect.

Most filters are designed for portraits and keeping outdoor shots in mind. Most of the images captured by mobile users are either portraits or nature-themed photos. As Instagram is an image sharing app,Instagram developers kept this in mind and developing more and more filters for these photos. Instead of reading about these filters, try and use them frequently to know more about them. It is also possible to apply two or more filters on the same image and Instagram offers limitless options to its users to show their creativity.

Some More Instagram Settings and Tips

Just like all other popular social media platforms, Instagram will help you connect to your Facebook friends that are already using Instagram. It is up to you whether you want to select this option or not.  By selecting this option, your Instagram account will become more active.  At this point, you can also choose whether to share all your Instagram likes on Facebook or not.  All your Instagram activity will be shared on Facebook if you choose YES to Facebook sharing option. This can be an extremely annoying feature for your friends so enable it if you really want to let all your Facebook friends know about your Instagram activity.  Now click on the names of the friends you would like to follow or send a request to those with private settings once the list pops up.  Once connected, all your friend’s posts will show up on your own feed.

Adding Device Contacts

If you want to add your device contacts, you will need to provide Instagram with the necessary authorization to import your address book. Include this step or move on if you have privacy concerns.  By adding your device contacts, you can improve your following drastically.  Always a good idea for business purposes but again, be aware of the annoyance factor as not everyone is an Instagram fan.  Give them time.  If they are in business, they will hopefully cotton on to the benefits sooner rather than later.

Start Following Some Instagram Accounts

If you don’t have a lot of Facebook friends and haven’t elected to include your device address list, you may want to follow some accounts suggested by Instagram.  This can be exciting in the beginning until you realize that you aren’t being followed in return.  The good news is that you can always reverse the process and be more selective the next time around.  This feature can provide you with some good ideas though if you are on Instagram for business purposes, so give it a try.

About Photos and Videos

You can upload images to post on your Instagram feed or you can take live photos.  All images need to be 640 x 640 pixels or 1080 x 1080 and you can crop the images to fit within the given settings.

To take your own photos, simply click on the camera icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.  This is one option.  The other is to use your camera app on your device and upload the image to your feed from there. If you want to take a video, click on the icon on the right side.  Remember that any images or photos you want to upload need to be cropped to the above-mentioned sizes to upload on Instagram and your videos need to be 15 seconds or less.

All that’s left is for you to now start snapping away, uploading, sharing and liking your friend’s posts.  Instagram is really simple and can be used on the go, almost anywhere and anytime.  It isn’t for nothing that that terminology such as “installment” and “Instagrammers” has arisen as this can be quite an addictive pastime.

Video Filters:

Just like image filters, Instagram is also offering several options for video editing also. As Instagram won’t allow videos more than 15 seconds, it is really easy to check which filter suits your video the best.

Image Settings and Functions

Instagram was created to share beautiful images and it provides you with all the tools to do just that. It is designed to share memories, moments with family and friends and general topics of interest. Some people might want to have a digital record of memories to pass down to the next generation or a business may use Instagram to build a brand and market its products.  Whatever may be the reasons, it is a powerful social media platform that is here to stay.  To make the best of it, you need to know more about its functions.

Fun Editing Features

As mentioned in the previous section you can use the camera option on your device or on the Instagram app.  The app just gives you more fun features to play with to improve on your original work.

The screenshot above is fairly similar on devices when you want to import an image to Instagram.  The back arrow takes you out of Instagram and back to your image.  The second “square” icon is for your image frame.  This is a plain square when your image frame is off.  The tear drop allows you to tilt or shift images to change depth while the sun icon allows for contrast.  The fifth function allows for rotation and the green arrow on the far right is to upload and post your image.  Once you upload then you have further options to add a text description and so on.

Funky Filter Features

Your filter options are at the bottom of the screen and provide a visual display of your image for each filter as you scroll from left to right.  Select the one that most appeals to you but be sure to choose the one with the brightest colors if “likes” are important to you. You can use already popular video filters like Clarendon and Gingham try the new ones recently released by Instagram developers. Video sharing is also picking up just like image sharing and the number of video posts on Instagram is increasing day by day. While sharing the videos with your friends and followers try these video filters and surprise them.

Start Editing Your Images

Your contrast option (the Sun icon) allows you to choose from a range of colors to give you a very bright image.  Your tear option for blurring or depth allows you to focus on a specific area of an image and blur the rest.  Use the blur/depth shapes to add more interest to your editing attempt and the “X” to remove these effects.

Your filter function includes options to improve the color of your image by making it brighter; provide a bright center with dark edges; create an antique appearance; give yourself a cheap facelift by improving skin tone or you can add blue, orange or yellow undertones to provide additional interest to your images.  Instagram frames are also fun enhancing tools to play around with. Note that each filter comes with a specific type of frame to enhance the look of the image.

Make this as your hobby and you will surely love it.  You’re allowed to play around, experiment with it, make mistakes, and ultimately, have fun.  That is the main objective after all.  If you are a business owner, you may consider consulting a professional photographer or graphic designer to create your images as you only have one chance to make that first impression.

The Making and Sharing of Instagram Videos

Videos have been available on Instagram since 2013 but have never quite taken off.  Instagram shares the same feature as Facebook in regard to their videos as they play automatically unless this feature is turned off. The pause feature also works in the same way by simply clicking on the video. The pause button becomes visible in the top right together with the play function.  As with Facebook, these short little inserts are great marketing tools for business.

Taking Videos on Instagram

The camera icon is at the bottom of the toolbar and you can select video mode just to the right of this.  To begin recording, simply press the big video camera icon and hold it down.  Press and release this option as needed until you have completed your recording.  The blue bar at the bottom of your screen will show a continuous or broken line to indicate a single recording or breaks between these.  To delete a frame just select the arrow to the left marked by the “X” that will turn red and record your last frame again.  All your Instagram videos will only allow for a 15-second recording as that is the limit allowed for uploading.  A neat little cinema feature stabilizes your recordings to allow for movement.

Sharing Your Videos

You can upload your own creations or files from other sources. Choose the clip as required by dragging the bottom timer to determine the length of your video and simply share the clip to Instagram. All your videos will fit into a square frame limit so bear in mind the format of your video source when sharing as you may lose a part of it. You can also edit your video further by selecting the area you wish to display by dragging it into the designated space. After recording, you can start editing your video in the same way described for images. Don’t forget to add a text description to your work of art and make sure you share it with your other social media sites so they can also enjoy your latest rendition.

How to Share your Image or Video

This is a simple process. Depending on what mobile device you have, there may be a green or blue check mark at the top or bottom of the screen.  Click on this and your post is uploaded to your feed and will be saved in the gallery.  Hopefully, your followers will approve of your attempts and give you loads of “likes” as a stamp of approval for your efforts.

These are the basics and once you are well aware of them, you can easily know about captions, comments, hashtags and more. All these things are very much similar to other social media platforms. It is important to add these so your audience will know where your image was taken, its purpose and whether it is searchable based on hashtags attached, or not.  Although not quite as important to include these features for individuals as it is for business, it definitely adds to the appeal of your post and there is no reason to leave the job half done.

Finally, if you are not an Instagram user till now, join it as soon as possible and check out the fun you had missed all these days. If you are already using Instagram, we are sure that you had improved your knowledge about Instagram features and filters and also known several new things about Instagram. Use all those things effectively to increase your popularity on Instagram. Note that Instagram is equally useful for personal as well as business purposes and chooses your Instagram settings based on your preference.


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